Monday, September 1, 2014

Waterfall braid

This hairstyle is a waterfall braid. Making a waterfall braid can appear to be difficult but with a little practice, it is really easy. In my waterfall braid I put pearl clips in it so it would be more elegant. I really like the way the pearls make it look, they are like little twinkly lights. To start the braid you take the hair on the side of your head, on which ever side you want to start it on. I started my braid on the left side. Take a small to medium size amount of hair, it really depends on how you want it to look. Divide the hair into three sections. Take the to strand over the middle and then the bottom over the new middle which was the top, now the bottom is in the middle. After you did that, which is normal braiding, but you only do that once. Now, when you go to take the top over the middle, grab some of the extra hair and add it to the strand before you take it over the middle. Keep repeating this throughout the braid. But you also have to drop the  strand that becomes the bottom strand and grab a new section of hair to take over the middle, repeat this process along with taking new hair with the top strand. You can take the braid all of the way around your head or just stop in the middle. When you want to stop just do a normal three strand braid all the way down and secure it with a rubber band. I took my braid all of the way around because, i wanted to add the pearls.

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  1. Beautiful. Do you want to practice on my hair tonight again?