Thursday, September 18, 2014

French Braid

A french braid is easy to make, actually it is really really easy. To start a french braid, gather a small section of hair in the middle of your head, don't take any hair from the sides. Start the braid by splitting the section of hair into three little section. When you do a french braid, it will be like a normal three strand braid. Except when you cross the strand over the middle strand, take a small section from the side and add it to your section. Continue this throughout the braid until you get to the end. At the end braid it normally.
You can easily turn a french braid into an 'Elsa braid' from the movie 'Frozen'. When you are at the end of the braid instead of taking the strands over the middle, take them under the middle. Then bring the end of the braid in front of your shoulder. I hope this is helpful, I do enjoy comments.