Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hair bow

This hairstyle is a bow that you make  with your hair. First, you take a small section of hair on the back of your head, like you would if you were going to make a half up~do. Use a rubber band to tie it and the second or third time you wrap it around, don't pull it all the way through, so it looks like a little bun. Separate the little bun so it makes your bow. Use bobby pins to hold the sides of the bow on your head. Take some of the little section of hair that is hanging down from the bow. In the middle of the bow make a little space to pull the little section of hair through. Pull it so that it is tight and secure, put a bobby pin in the little space that you pulled the hair through, so that it stays tight and secure.
In my bow I put four pearl clips or pins in the middle. I added the clips to embellish the hairstyle. It looks good without the clips, highlights look fantastic with this bow.

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